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Angelica is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Immaculata University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from West Chester University.  Angelica has six years of experience working in the mental health field and currently is a Mental Health Therapist working with Children and Adolescents, Families and Adults.  Professionally, Angelica is passionate about using a Positive Psychology approach, Person Centered and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help her clients who struggle with anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, poor self-esteem, ADHD, behavioral difficulties and relational problems.  Type your paragraph here.

Clinical Nurse Specialist


Anne joined Dr. Berger’s team in 2001 as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Anne received her master's degree from Marywood University. Anne specializes in grief therapy (child loss) along with depressive, anxiety and mood disorders. She practices Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with emphasis on DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). Evening and Saturday appointments available.


Amanda joined Dr. Berger’s team in 2015 as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Amanda earned her master's in Social Work from Marywood University. Her professional experience consists of working with children and families in elementary schools throughout Luzerne County. Amanda serves populations consisting of children, adolescents and adults through individual and family counseling. She specializes in anxiety, depression, anger management and behavioral management.


Martin joined Dr. Berger’s team in 2008 as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Martin received his master's degree in Social Work at Adelphi Univerity. He has over 20 years post-graduate clinical experience and has achieved numerous certificates. Martin has also lectured at several institutions including the National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect.


Marietta was a member of Dr. Berger’s team from 2003-2011. She re-joined the practice in 2016. Marietta is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Qualified Clinical Social Worker. She worked as a psychiatric Social Worker in several areas of the mental health field throughout her career which spans more than 25 years. Marietta has a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from College Misericordia and a master’s degree in Social Work from Marywood College. Additionally, she has been a social work educator for many years at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Marietta has presented various seminars and workshops on the national, state and local level. She has been a member of NASW (National Association of Social Workers) for 25+ years and served as Secretary on the NASW-PA Executive Board of Directors from 2013-2017. She remains active with NASW- PA serving as a co-chair of one of the task forces.   


Mary joined Dr. Berger's team in 2013 as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Mary received her bachelor’s degrees in Human Services and Sociology from The University of Scranton. She obtained her master's degree in Social Work from Marywood College. She has practiced social work in hospital and behavioral health settings over the course of the last thirty years and holds the BCD (Board of Clinical Diplomate) credential. Her areas of interest include grief and loss issues, depression and anxiety with a special interest in the gero-psychiatric realm of practice.

Licensed Professional Counselors


Marian joined Dr. Berger’s team in 2008 as a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner and a Clinical Nurse Specialist (therapist). Marian received her PhD from Adelphi University. Marian received her post-master's Nurse Practitioner Certificate in Adult Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing from Drexel University. Marian specializes in adult psychiatric and mental health issues. 

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists


Tina joined Dr. Berger’s team in April of 2010 as a Marriage & Family Therapist. Tina graduated from Phillips Graduate Institute. Tina specializes in addiction issues, domestic violence, gay and lesbian issues, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) therapy, as well as marital and family therapy. 


Gene joined Dr. Berger practice in July of 2013 as a Mental Health Clinician. He received his Master Degree in Social Work in 1988 from Marywood University. He is licensed as a LCSW, and is a member of the National Association of Social Worker. He holds NASW’s certification as a Qualified Clinical Social Worker. Prior to joining Dr. Berger practice he worked at a Community Mental Health Center for 32 years, where he served as a Senior Clinician, and Assistant Supervisor in their outpatient department and the partial hospitalization program. His backround is in treating the chronically mentally ill, crisis intervention, and adult individual therapy. He practices CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and other behavioral therapies.  


Laura joined Dr. Berger's practice in 2016 as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Laura earned her undergraduate degree in Social Work from Misericordia University and her master’s degree in Social Work from Marywood University.  Laura works with children and their families with issues such as anxiety, relational issues, depression, anger management, impulse control and behavioral management.  Laura serves children and adults through individual and family therapy utilizing a client centered method.


Jennifer joined Dr Berger’s team in 2015 as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Jennifer obtained her Bachelor of Psychology at East Stroudsburg University and received her master’s degree from Walden University. Jennifer has been working in community mental health agencies helping children with mental health difficulties and their families. Jennifer worked with children with various diagnoses such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and ADHD. She feels that helping children when they are young will allow them to have a more productive and successful life. Jennifer has conducted group, individual and family therapy. Individual therapy includes children and adults. After 10 years in the mental health profession, Jennifer is excited to switch gears and start in a private practice.  

Jennifer is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) which uses eye movements and other bilateral stimulation to assist an individual in processing traumatic memories. EMDR has been used for adults, teens and children to help in the treatment of panic attacks, anxiety, grief, PTSD, phobias, stress reduction, abuse history and personality disorders. Extensive research has been conducted since 1989 and EMDR has been proven effective. The negative beliefs are processed through bilateral stimulation and the individual will gain understanding of the events changing the negative belief into a positive, thereby reducing or eliminating triggers. 

Licensed Clinical Social Workers


Andrea joined Dr. Berger’s team in 2002 as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Andrea received her degree from Marywood University and is currently a member of the National Association of Social Workers. Andrea specializes in individual, family and couples therapy.  


Robert joined Dr. Berger’s team in 2009 as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Robert received his degree from Marywood University with additional education at Philadelphia Child Guidance Center. Robert specializes in treating anxiety and depression in children, adolescents and adults. He also provides EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy).


JoAnn joined Dr. Berger’s team in 2015 as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Social Work at Marywood University. JoAnn has over 20 years of experience in the mental health field and addiction fields. She was also a professor at Penn State University Worthington Campus. JoAnn is a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor specializing in issues with addictions. She also has varied experience in the following areas: marital/couples, family/divorce, anger management, depression, anxiety, as well as grief and loss issues. Her primary goal is to assist individuals with various counseling needs to help promote a healthy well-being, insight into challenges by offering coping strategies, and overall empowerment to access one’s opportunities. The population she currently serves consists primarily of adolescents and adults through individual and family counseling. JoAnn sees patients on weeknights and Saturdays.


Donna joined Dr. Berger’s team in 2005 as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Donna received her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work and Sociology from King's College. She received her master's degree in Psychology (Clinical Concentration) from Marywood University. She is a board-certified psychotherapist and a licensed professional therapist.